Students Entering Year 12

[Link to powerpoint covering Year 11 selecting subjects for Year 12 in 2022]

Students entering Year 12 can select FIVE OR SIX subjects. If selecting five subjects then they will also have to select L2 Year 12 Study.

All Year 12 students must study at least one of English or Te Reo Māori (if sufficient knowledge of Level 1 Reo) to be able to gain UE Literacy. You may study both. (SchoolPoint will place you in L2 English as a compulsory subject so if you believe you qualify for this to be changed to Te Reo Māori, please see the HoD Māori or your Dean.)

Mathematics is highly recommended but is not compulsory.

Choose a back up subject in case there are timetable constraints which mean you cannot get all of your initial choices.

There is a wide range of subjects available at Level 2 and students following a Degree Course Pathway should carefully consider which subjects lead on to Level 3 subjects.

Year 12 students may undertake a multilevel course with subjects at Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 based on ability and meeting prerequisites.

See Learning Areas for more detailed course information.

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