How to select my subjects


  1. Either login within SchoolPoint using your school account OR go to the KAMAR portal
  2. Log in using your KAMAR username (lastnamefirstinitial) and password OR click the button to Sign in with Google account (school email address and password)
  3. From the menu ribbon choose Subject Selection

  4. Note that when Subject Selection is open for your Year Level, you will need to select your intentions for next year from the drop down menu before you can continue.

  5. Click on Useful Information and read the "Ōtūmoetai College Subject Selection" information and "How to select my subjects". 

  6. While still in the Useful Information menu, read through the information relevant to your Year Level.

  7. From the menu, click on “My Possible Courses” and start exploring the different courses by reading the information about the course.

  8. If you like a course you can add it to your favourites by clicking the green "Add to your Favourite Courses" button.

  9. Clicking on “Learning Areas” will show boxes with a number to indicate you have to take a subject in that Learning Area e.g. in Year 11 you have to take English and Mathematics but not Physical Education and Health.

  10. Click on the other menu items to familiarise yourself with the SchoolPoint website.

  11. Subject Selection Timeline - when online subject selection will be available to make choices:

  12. When Subject Selection is available for your Year Level, have a final check of the information about the course, what you will be learning about, what courses it leads to, possible careers, any course costs, required prior learning and what standards you will be assessed against. If that is a course you want to select then click on the green “+ Select as one of my courses” button.

  13. The courses you select will appear on the right of the screen (and in My Selected Courses). Click on one of the other learning areas and repeat the process.

  14. You are able to pick ‘back-up’ courses if you want, but you do not have to. These will help you and your Dean if one of your selected courses is not available because of numbers, staffing or timetable constraints.

  15. Once you have selected all your courses, click on “My Selected Courses” on the left. Check the list of courses, and then click on “Complete My Courses”.

  16. You are able to make changes to your selections up until your parent/caregiver signs in with their login details and approves your course selection. After that, you will need to contact your Dean for further possible changes.

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