International English English

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. Cox

Required Prior Learning

If testing and discussions show that Second Language Learners are approximately at ELLP level 3 (CEFR mid-high B1) in English and they need to achieve Level 1 Literacy and Level 1 English Unit Standard and/or Achievement Standard credits, they will be placed in this class.  All assessement work will be Internally assessed. This class will work at a steady pace and will suit Second Language Learners who are still needing support with grammar and academic vocabulary in order to achieve Level 1 Literacy. Students will need to talk to the ESOL staff before they can be placed in IEEN.

This is a multi-level class for senior students from Year 11 to Year 13 who are using English as a Second Language at an intermediate plus level (CEFR mid-high B1 and above, IELTS 4-4.5 equivalent). The course is 4 hours a week.

Students will focus on gaining NCEA credits for Level 1 English with Achievement Standards or Unit Standards and gaining Level 1 Literacy. Additionally, students will be offered the opportunity to gain Level 3 English Language (EL) Unit Standard credits.  Students will further develop their ability to respond to a wide range of text types, including extended texts and film. They will do research and present a speech and develop their conversational skills across a wide range of topics. They will continue to expand their use of academic vocabulary and grammar skills throughout the year. Collaborative tasks will be included and there will be access to digital devices and digital tools to improve digital literacy.

Students can gain up to 23 internally assessed credits at L1 English and L3 English Language.

Learning Areas:

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Assessment Procedures