L1 History

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr P. Newton

Required Prior Learning

Entry is open, but subject to approval by the HOD and dependent on proven performance in Year 10 Social Studies.

This course will enable students to complete Achievement Standards towards NCEA L1. 

Students will gain historical skills including critical thinking, resource analysis and argument construction. Topics will include: Origins of World War 2 1919-1941, New Zealand’s Search for Security 1945-present, Maori-Pakeha Relations 1912-present.

This course will be assessed to History Achievement Standards. Three Achievement Standards will be internally assessed and three will be externally assessed. Students will have the opportunity to gain up to 24 credits at L1.

Learning Areas:

Social Science

Assessment Procedures

L2 Classical Studies, L2 Economics, L2 Geography, L2 History, L2 Sociology