L2 Business Management

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs N. Poffley

This course provides students with a more detailed look at Business. Students will explore concepts relating to the internal operations of a large business, such as business management, human resources, business formation and functions of business. They will also investigate how businesses respond to external factors, such as political, social and legal influences.

This is an introduction for students wanting to pursue a career in Business Management, as well as for students wanting to better equip themselves when they enter the business world. Students wishing to do Young Enterprise will be able to form a company, however, a commitment outside of the classroom would be needed to complete the requirements for Young Enterprise. There will be a $35 directorship fee and additional capital may be required to buy shares in the Young Enterprise company.

This course will be assessed to a selection of L2 Business Achievement Standards. Assessment is a combination of both internally and externally assessed standards. Students will have the opportunity to gain up to 20 credits at L2 from a selection of 27 available credits.

Required Prior Learning

Entry is subject to approval by the HOD and dependent on proven performance in L1BUSM. The expectation is that students will have gained at least 12 credits in L1 (Year 11) Business or a Merit/Excellence endorsement in any other subject. Students studying L2ACCM will have direct entry to L2BUSM.

Course Costs

As part of the Young Enterprise Scheme, students will be required to contribute some capital to buy shares in the Young Enterprise Company. TBA


Career Pathways

Useful Links

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