International English for Language Development

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge:

This is a multi-level class for students from Year 9 to Year 13 who are using English as a Second Language at a Foundation/Level 1 ELLP (CEFR A1, A2). The course is 4 hours a week.

Students will focus on developing both their reading and writing skills. They will gain an understanding of the structure of different written genres and improve their comprehension skills. Vocabulary and grammar skills are assessed regularly.  Students will be encouraged to work collaboratively for some tasks.

Senior students can gain up to 20 internally assessed Unit Standard credits for L1 English Language (EL). Other assessments include regular vocabulary tests, mid-year and end of year exams. Students will have access to digital devices and digital tools such as Education Perfect and Read Theory, to improve their reading, grammar and digital literacy.

Required Prior Learning

If testing and interviews show that students are at a Foundation/Level 1 ELLP CEFR A1, A2) in English and they need to improve their reading and writing to be able to achieve at college, students will be placed in this class. Students need to speak to the ESOL staff before then can be placed in IELD.