L1 Design & Visual Communication (Graphics)

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr K. Meyer.

This course introduces students to the visual communication skills used in Product and Architectural design. The work centres around the students learning the techniques of freehand sketching, instrumental drawings, which includes technical Orthographic drawings and 3d Pictorials. 

Presentation quality, rendering techniques and the researched use of an influential designer’s style are also elements of the course. The students then use the acquired skills to produce their own portfolio of design work based upon given topics. This course is extremely relevant to anyone wishing to progress to any form of product design, Engineering, Architecture, etc. at tertiary level as well as being of real benefit to any student wishing to be involved in any of the design, media, manufacture, building or automotive careers. 

Students will understand how to problem solve and design solutions for a client and their environment. Assessment will come from portfolio-based evidence and learning that uses paper, Computer drawing (Fusion 360), 3d modelling with various modes and media.
 This course will be assessed to a selection of L1 Design & Visual Communication Achievement Standards, a combination of both internally and externally assessed standards. Design and Visual Communication is an approved domain subject and is appropriate for students intending to study at university.

It is open for all year 10 students to select, regardless of whether they have completed the course in year 10 or not. 

Any students who have also not previously taken the year 9 course in DVC, or Graphics, as some other schools call it, should come and see Mr Meyer to be sure that the learning will be of interest to them. 

Required Prior Learning

Either completion of Year 10 Graphics (Design & Visual Communication) (full or half year) and/or at the discretion of HOD Technology.

Subject Costs

Special paints, paper and other materials, paymentof the subject fee will ensure an allocation for printing. $20
Recommended Graphics equipment pack. $50


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