L3 Tourism

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr C. Grant

Required Prior Learning

Open Entry with the approval of the HOD.

This course will enable students to earn credits towards L3 NCEA and (if they have completed the tourism standards at Year 12) towards the New Zealand Certificate of Tourism (L2). 

Students will gain an understanding of tourism in the Pacific Islands and Australia. They will learn skills in promoting a New Zealand tourism region and an understanding of the importance of tikanga customs and practice in New Zealand tourism. They will also gain an understanding of the significance of tourism to the New Zealand economy.

This course will be assessed to the L3 Tourism Unit Standards. All standards are internally assessed using the “open book” method. Students will have the opportunity to gain up to 23 credits.

Learning Areas:

Social Science

Assessment Procedures
Course Costs

One day field trip to experience tourism activities outside Tauranga (optional). $75