L3 Art Painting

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms S. Smith

Required Prior Learning

It is essential that students who wish to enter L3 Art Painting must have completed L2 Art Painting, or another L2 Art subject. The students must have gained an ‘Achieved’ or better grade in all internal and external assessments in L2 Art Painting or another L2 Art subject. If the criteria are met then students can advance to L3 Art Painting.

This course assumes a high degree of personal interest and commitment, plus a developed ability to think creatively and originally. Students will explore a thematic approach to a highly individualised programme of painting study.

Internal Standards: Are worth 4 credits each and are a combination of research theory and practical work. 

External Portfolio: Essentially this folio is based on the work established in the Internals.

Scholarship: Scholarship is offered for students who complete work at ‘Merit’ level or above. Additional group tutorials will be offered by specialist staff from Term 3.

Learning Areas:


Assessment Procedures
Course Costs

Year 12 OR Year 13 Art Pack from Gordon Harris can be purchased at the link below for $103.19