L3 Music

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Bodman

Required Prior Learning

Entry is subject to approval by HOD and dependent on proven performance in Year 12. The expectation is that students will have gained at least 14 credits in L2MUSC (Year 12). Participation in Ōtūmoetai College groups is strongly recommended.  All students studying L3MUSC must learn a musical instrument or voice for the year, either privately or through the school-run Itinerant Music programme.

This course provides students with a comprehensive programme further developing the student as a holistic musician. 

Students will select from a combination of standards suited to their skill set and preferred musical pathway. 

They will have the opportunity to perform in both solo and group contexts on their primary and second instruments (if they are specialising in more than one instrument), develop studio and music technology skills, create and record original music, research a music topic, and develop music theory skills through analysis.

Students will be assessed to a selection of Music Achievement Standards.
Assessment is a combination of both internally and externally assessed standards.


The option to be assessed on additional music performance credits is available to students who either perform in music department extra-curricular activities or take music as a subject. 

This assessment will be made available only at the end of Term 3. It is expected that students who choose these standards will be preparing their performances in their own time. This option involves access to the following credits:

L1Solo Performance  - 6 creditsGroup Performance  - 4 credits
L2Solo Performance  - 6 credits2nd Instrument Solo Performance  - 3 creditsGroup Performance  - 4 credits
L3Solo Performance  - 8 credits2nd Instrument Solo Performance  - 4 creditsGroup Performance  - 4 credits

Learning Areas:


Assessment Procedures