L3 Hospitality

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs L. May

Required Prior Learning

Students should have achieved US167 through either L2HOSPA or L2HOSPB or their workplace, and at the discretion of the HOD.  This is achievable in class if a student does not meet this requirement - see Mrs May to discuss.

This course is a direct follow on from L2HOSPA and/or L2HOSPB with students completing a range of L3 Unit Standards in Hospitality. It also provides a pathway to tertiary study in the Hospitality sector.

L3 Hospitality recognises the competence, knowledge and skills required to successfully prepare and present food and beverage in a commercial kitchen. This course offers both practical and theoretical application of knowledge and skills required in the hospitality industry. 

The students will demonstrate their ability to comply with health and safety legislation, handle and maintain knives, practical cookery skills and a range of interpersonal, presentation, numeracy and literacy skills that are required by workers in the hospitality industry. As part of the course students will complete Barista Training at L3 where they will run a weekly café during the school day.

This course offers Unit Standard credits at L3 from Service IQ - the Hospitality Training Organisation. Both theory and practical skills are assessed. Credits gained in this course align to one or more national qualification.

Learning Areas:

Technology Soft Materials & Processing [Food, Hospitality, Fashion & Design & Textiles]

Assessment Procedures
Career Pathways

Cook, Receptionist, Baker, Hotel/Motel Manager, Cafe Worker, Waiter/Waitress, Cafe/Restaurant Manager, Kitchenhand, Chef, Hotel Porter, Maitre d’Hotel