L2 Art Painting

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms S. Smith

This course is highly practical with some research and a great deal of practical application of ideas and techniques. The disciplines of drawing, printmaking and painting are covered in some depth. Students’ work is initially a directed, thematic approach using recommended model artists, ultimately leading to an exploration of their own. The completed work is integrated into a cohesive body of practical work.

Internal Standards: One internal standard is offered and is worth 4 credits and is a combination of research theory and practical work.

External Portfolio: This is a submission of practical work worth 12 credits in total and is externally assessed. Essentially, this folio is based on the work established in the Internals that are completed during the first two terms of the year. The folio comprises of two A1 panels that show how students have used their chosen artist models and integrated them into their own work. The work must show a development and a sequence of logical ideas that are investigated, developed and refined to produce finished conclusions.


L3 Art Design & Illustration, L3 Art History, L3 Art Painting, L3 Art Photography

Course Costs

Year 12 OR Year 13 Art Pack from Gordon Harris can be purchased at the link below for $103.19


Required Prior Learning

It is advisable/or at HOD discretion that students who wish to enter L2 Art Painting must have completed L1 Art Visual or L1 Creative Media Art. The students must have gained an ‘Achieved’ or better grade in all internal and external assessments in L1 Art subjects. If the criteria are met then students can advance to L2 Art Painting.

Course Credit Information

This course is eligible for Course Endorsement.

Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
A.S. 91316 v2 Visual Arts 2.3 - Develop ideas in a related series of drawings appropriate to established painting practice
A.S. 91321 v2 Visual Arts 2.4 - Produce a systematic body of work that shows understanding of art making conventions and ideas within painting
Total Credits

Total Credits Available: 16 credits.
Externally Assessed Credits: 12 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 4 credits.