L2 Art History

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr D. Henderson

Towards Modernism (c. 1780 -1900) Art History at L2 enhances experiences of the visual world by developing students’ skills and analysis, interpretation, discussion, evaluation and appreciation of art and aesthetics. 

It is primarily academic in nature and the knowledge and skills gained can be applied to tertiary study and covers, particularly Art, Architecture and Design. This course will prepare students’ analytical skills and contextual knowledge in preparation for L3 Art History. 

The students will gain in-depth understanding of key Art Movements and will learn to apply historical understandings and knowledge to their visual world as they examine how artists have challenged, invented and generated new perspectives.

Internal Standards: There are two assignments covering different research and thinking skills. 2 achievement standards - total of 8 credits.

External Standards: One three-hour examination, encompassing: 3 achievement standards - total of 12 credits, focusing on Formal elements, Meaning and Context in Art. 

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Assessment Procedures

L3 Art History

Course Costs

All Course work books are provided. Paper, ring binder and pen required.