L1 Mathematics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr N. McDermid

Required Prior Learning

Students are allocated this course by the Mathematics Department. Allocation will be based on demonstration of a strength in Algebra in Year 10.

This course is intended for those students who wish to take either L2 Mathematics or Statistics next year. NCEA L2 courses in Mathematics and/or Statistics lead into NCEA L3 Calculus and/or NCEA L3 Statistics courses in Year 13. 

The L1MATH course focuses on Algebra and Mathematical thinking. It will be useful for students interested in careers in Engineering, Business/Commerce, Architecture,Medicine and Law to name a few.

Students can gain up to 19 credits. Students will be assessed to L1 Mathematics Achievement Standards. Assessment is a combination of both internally and externally assessed standards.

Learning Areas:


Assessment Procedures

L2 Mathematics, L2 Mathematics and Statistics

This course leads to all Level 2 Mathematics courses.

Course Costs

The optional Learning Workbooks are highly recommended. Each one relates to a standard that the students are sitting. The TOTAL cost of these booklets is $35. You will be given the opportunity to purchase a set of these ESA Learning Workbooks at the start of the year. D&D Resources Revision books for External Assessments. These are optional, there are three books for this course, cost is $6 per book.