L1 Economics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr K. Hansen

Required Prior Learning

Entry is open, but subject to approval by the HOD and dependent on proven performance in Year 10 Social Studies.

This course provides an introduction to Economics and business decisions. Students will develop their understanding of how people as individuals and groups make economic choices while developing their statistical thinking, investigative and economic decision-making skills. 

Students investigate aspects of the economic environment such as consumer choices and demand, producer/ business decisions and supply, how choices by different groups affect the market interactions between buyers, sellers and how government choices and decisions affect society.

This course will be assessed to NCEA L1 Economics Achievement Standards. Assessment is a combination of both internally and externally assessed standards. Students will have the opportunity to gain up to 19 NCEA credits at L1.

Learning Areas:

Social Science

Assessment Procedures

L2 Classical Studies, L2 Economics, L2 Geography, L2 History, L2 Sociology, L2 Tourism

Course Costs

Field trip to a local business: half day $30. Workbook plus e-Learning Economics $47.00. Total $77