L2 Technology Metal

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr K. Meyer

A student centred course dealing with real problem solving in a practical environment. The students establish a client for whom they produce a creative practical solution by using technological practice. They will break the client’s problem down into key factors, then research possible solutions and apply that research to the final practical solution. 

Students will work predominantly with metal with the option to use other materials. There is a clear focus on carefully planning out well designed and constructed projects. This is an academic course ideal for students wishing to progress to L3 Technology, and then possibly university engineering, or any other design or technology based career. The students will gain practical skills from this course.

This course will be assessed to a selection of L2 Technology Achievement Standards. Assessment is a combination of both internally and externally assessed standards. Students will have the opportunity to gain up to 24 credits at L2. Technology is an approved domain subject and is appropriate for students intending to study at university.

Required Prior Learning

Either gained nine L1 credits in any NCEA L1 Technology subject and/or at the discretion of HOD Technology.

Course Costs

Cost for course materials that will be consumed or taken home (e.g.: Steel, gas, wood, paints and other project materials). NB: For students who design larger, or more complex projects, the school fee may not cover the total cost of their materials. Any students in this situation will be invoiced later in the year on a case by case basis. $130


Career Pathways

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