L1 Health Studies

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs K. Brewer.

This course involves developing skills to think critically, understand how to work effectively with others, and take action to improve an aspect of your own well-being. 

Topics include Hauora and Well-being, Change Management, Interpersonal Skills, Sexuality and Drug Education. This is an interactive course where you will be encouraged to regularly collaborate with other students. This course can lead to career opportunities in psychology, teaching, counselling, social work, nursing, and health promotion.

This course will be assessed to L1 Achievement Standards. Assessment will include both internal and external achievement standards. 

Required Prior Learning

Entry is based on approval from the TIC of Health and/or the HOD of Health and Physical Education.

Subject Costs

There will be $45 optional charge which will enhance learning. This will cover activities like the "Escape Room" and yoga.


Students that complete all the requirements in Level 1 Health will have priority placement in Level 2 Health. Level 2 Health is a separate subject area and uses Achievement Standards from Health domain. Sports Science and Outdoor Education use Achievement Standards from the Physical Education domain, therefore it is considered a different learning area. A student can select Health and either Sport Science or Outdoor Education, if they want to.