L1 Financial Capability

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs N. Poffley

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to develop a relationship with money they may receive, earn and inherit. Students will gain hands on money tips to make informed decisions that will equip them to meet their personal financial goals, and to enhance studying or job opportunities.

This is done through establishing what their money personality is, Needs v  Wants , development of a budget and cash flow forecast, information of services that banks and finance companies offer, money traps, how to avoid debt, loan sharks, taxation and other deductions relating to personal income and Investing.

This course will be assessed to a selection of Level One Financial Capability Unit Standards. Assessment is a combination of both graded and ungraded standards. Students will have the opportunity to gain up to 19 credits at L1.

Required Prior Learning

Entry is open.


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