Year 10 Science

Subject Description

Students explore the nature of Science alongside socio-scientific issues of local, national and global importance. 

Students explore issues of concern to them and are encouraged to be curious, ask questions and  make decisions about possible actions. They are exposed to a range of science texts, symbols, models and key words. 

Science capabilities are increased through designing and carrying out investigations, to build on prior experiences and learn to appreciate that Science is a way of exploring the world and that it changes over time. 

Students use evidence and critical thinking to support their opinions.

The junior programmes have term themes

Year 10 Themes.

Term 1 Magical Beginnings. Term 2 Ready Set Go. Term 3 Getting it Together. Term 4 Sustaining Aotearoa.

Subject Overview

Term 1
The junior programmes have term themes.

Magical Beginnings

Term 2
Ready Set Go

Term 3
Getting it Together

Term 4
Sustaining Aotearoa