Year 9 Te Reo Māori (Full Year)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr K. Williams

Language Option 1 - Te Reo Māori (Full Year)

Students who select full year Te Reo Māori will forgo 3 other option subjects. 

Year 9 Te Reo  /  Poutama  /  Tāonga Pūoro  /  ‘Kei kōnei au, ko au tēnei’  /  Tikanga & Māori Performing Arts  /  Kapa Haka  / Te Ao Māori

In Year 9 Te Reo Māori firstly we learn fundamental reo characteristics to Māori through being able to say who we are and where we are from. This is through learning mihi, pepeha and whakapapa.

From here we begin to learn how to describe things around us and what they are used for, moving on to day-to-day phrases, greetings, farewells, commends and questions. We then explore the foundations of explanatory reo, looking at active sentences in past, present and future tenses. We then learn timeframes and how to bring these sentence structures together to clearly explain and describe the world around us.

We explain the benefits of being in Poutama, how to apply and what life looks like in Poutama for students throughout your time at Ōtūmoetai College.

We explore the creation of sound and the voices of our atua Māori pertaining to Māori and begin to construct and play tāonga pūoro to explore the voices of our atua and discover those voices within us.

In Tikanga & Māori Performing Arts we look at the fundamentals of performing and explore the various disciplines associated with Kapa Haka such as poi, haka, waiata, mau rakau and performance components.


Te Reo Māori allows learners exposure to cultural knowledge and language affordable to any pathway.

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