Year 9 Art Visual

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms S. Smith.

Think children don’t need ART in the 21st Century? Think again...

Art education teaches children to:

Problem solve - keep an open mind, entertain different possibilities

Communicate - interpret visual information, generate ideas

Be creative – take risks, develop a sense of innovation

Collaborate and co-operate – understand their actions affect others, compromise for a common goal

Organise - concentrate and focus, develop motor skills

Be socially responsible - know and appreciate diverse societies

Be self–directed - develop healthy work habits

Be fluent with technology - create information in a variety of forms and media


We do Drawing, Painting, Printmaking & Sculpture in Year 9 Art Visual

Art is an option subject in Year 9 and students experience 4 lessons per week over one term where their learning habits are embedded through the application of practical skills, exploration and development of visual ideas and exposure to a variety of disciplines, materials and processes.


Subject Costs

All materials are provided for by the college.